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The Elder Futhark Runes and Their Keywords

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The Elder Futhark runes are one of the earliest known divination sets and so much more. As a quick reference guide, this post will go through each of the Elder Futhark runes in numerical order and list keywords to associate with each rune.

For a more extensive dive into each Elder Futhark rune, use our site search bar to browse the Kira the Rune Witch Blog for specific in-depth articles on each rune.

This picture shows the Elder Futhark Runes in order.
The Elder Futhark Runes

1. Fehu

Keywords: moveable wealth (cattle), prosperity, abundance, energy, reward, fertility, good health, beginnings, becoming, success, opportunity, good fortune, fulfillment, expansion, growth

2. Uruz

Keywords: strength (aurochs), courage, power, energy, determination, organization, endurance, wisdom, health, creative force, opportunity, initiation, changes, destiny

3. Thurisaz

Keywords: defense (Thor's hammer or thorn), protection, destruction, boundaries, action, applied power, polarities, regeneration after destruction, warning, contemplation, decisions, luck

4. Ansuz

Keywords: messages, communication, wisdom, tradition, contemplation, counsel, divinity, creative spark, reception, transformation, expression, knowledge, inspiration, ecstasy, divine power, mysteries, initiation

5. Raidho

Keywords: travel (wagon), journey, aligned action, communication, decisive action, progress, order, movement, cosmic law, magic, ritual and religion, rhythm, reunion, changes, inner path, destiny

6. Kenaz

Keywords: light (torch), heat, illumination, breakthrough, controlled energy, human abilities, transformation, regeneration, lust, creativity, knowledge, change of perspective, creation, inspiration, vision, enlightenment

7. Gebo

Keywords: giving (gifts), generosity, friendship, harmony, special abilities, magical power, ecstasy, mutual sacrifice, sex, success, union, happiness, obligation, equilibrium

8. Wunjo

Keywords: joy, harmony, happiness, bliss, well-being, fellowship, celebration, family, hope, peace, unity

9. Hagalaz

Keywords: destruction, chaos, interference, catastrophe, misfortune, transformation, evolution, protection, competition, pattern, setback, inner crisis

10. Nauthiz

Keywords: need, self-restraint, necessity, scarcity, resistance, absence, restriction, distress, deliverance, have patience

11. Isa

Keywords: obstacles (ice), coldness, standstill, stagnation, patience, antimatter, delay, concentration, ego, introspection

12. Jera

Keywords: harvest, cyclical development, reward, fruition, fertility, growth, maturity, natural law

13. Eihwaz

Keywords: yew, death, life, rebirth, initiation, endurance, protection, regeneration, changes, magic, transcendence

14. Perthro

Keywords: mystery, divination, secrets, gambling, fate, time, cause and effect, evolution, the unknown, revelation, uncertainty, chance

15. Algiz

Keywords: protection, life, connection, defense, opportunity, assistance, advancement, guardian

16. Sowilo

Keywords: light (sun), energy, will, goal, success, honor, good health, vitality, good fortune, happiness, blessing, wholeness

17. Tiwaz

Keywords: justice, order, lawful victory, self-sacrifice, discipline, courage, strength, passion, masculine energy

18. Berkana

Keywords: fertility, mother, birth, life and death cycle, creativity, new beginnings, new ideas, nourishment, growth, regeneration, feminine energy

19. Ehwaz

Keywords: trust (horse), loyalty, faith, harmonious duality, travel (physical or astral), fertility, marriage, changes, movement, progress, cooperation, partnership, duality

20. Mannaz

Keywords: humankind, assistance, family, the divinity in humanity, intelligence, androgyne, initiate

21. Laguz

Keywords: water (lake), flow, life, intuition, the unconscious, psychic ability, the passage in and out of life, vital power, growth, feminine energy

22. Ingwaz

Keywords: fertility, channeling energy, release (sexual or otherwise), potential energy, gestation, competition, safety, masculine energy

23. Dagaz

Keywords: dawn and dusk, success, hope, breakthrough, transformation, balance, paradox, relief, clarity, understanding, progress, mutability

24. Othala

Keywords: heritage, inheritance, preserved freedom, prosperity, tradition, family ties, generational trauma, universal truths

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