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The Elder Futhark Runes: Meaning of Fehu

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The Elder Futhark runes are a powerful form of divination. This series of posts covers the different Elder Futhark runes, their meanings, and their magical uses. The first letter of the runic alphabet is Fehu.

Fehu is the first rune of Freyr's Ætt, which focuses on forces of creation. To learn more about the ættir and the runes, check out our post on The Elder Futhark Ættir and Their Significance.

Keywords: moveable wealth (cattle), prosperity, abundance, energy, reward, fertility, good health, beginnings, becoming, success, opportunity, good fortune, fulfillment, expansion, growth

Fehu Upright Meaning

At its most basic meaning, Fehu represents cattle, which was synonymous with movable wealth. Cattle were something to trade and consume. They also assisted with fertilization and growth of crops, leading to their deification in ancient cultures across the globe. Hence, when Fehu is upright, it frequently portends material wealth, income, abundance, and attainment.

It is also significant that this rune refers to cattle and is the first rune of the Elder Futhark because there is a potential connection to the creation myth in Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda. A primeval cow named Auðhumla fed the primordial frost giant Ymir with her milk. (Although, while Lisa Chamberlain is the one that connects the primeval cow to Fehu in Runes for Beginners, it is important to note that rune master Edred Thorsson (aka the genius scholar Stephen E. Flowers), in his book Futhark, actually connects the myth of Auðhumla to Uruz rather than Fehu.)

Fehu is a rune of beginnings, but it is also synonymous with fertility and the eternal cycle of creation and destruction.

Although money is frequently the focus of Fehu in contemporary readings, the rune applies to abundance and power in general, which can occur in any sect of life, be it: career, love, friendship, food, etc.

The qualifying runes surrounding Fehu in context with the specific questions asked will be relevant.

Regardless of what area of life the abundance takes place in, it is essential to remember that life is a process of give-and-take. Just as we breathe in and out, we must expend energy and resources to gain more. Reciprocity is key to increased abundance. Particularly, when reading about romantic relationships, Fehu upright could point to a new relationship or one that is fulfilling and offers much.

Nevertheless, the core of the rune is a powerful process of becoming and motion.

Fehu Reversed Meaning

When Fehu is reversed, there is typically a reason for caution with how you expend your resources. You may be experiencing a setback -- whether it be regarding finances, self-worth, or relationships.

In the context of new beginnings, it may simply indicate (particularly in a relationship reading) that this connection is not something new. Of course, the surrounding runes of the reading (whether positive or negative) and the questions asked will help clarify. Tapping into your intuition is the most important way to discern its meaning. Love readings with Fehu could also refer to the termination of a relationship or dissatisfaction with the circumstances.

Magical Uses of Fehu

Fehu is a positive rune that you can use independently or within a bindrune to help you attain success and abundance in finances, goals, and more. You may also use it to improve the nature of relationships, start a new relationship, or seek a more prosperous life.

It is also one of the most beneficial runes to use if you are trying to increase your psychic abilities (such as being able to receive and understand psychic input or sending some on your own.)

To go even deeper with your study of the runes, check out How to Read Runes by Kira the Rune Witch.

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