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The Elder Futhark Runes: Meaning of Thurisaz

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Thurisaz is the third rune of Freyr's Ætt. It is associated with giants, thorns, and the Norse god Thor (particularly Thor's hammer). As a counterpart, it is also associated with the chaos of Loki.

Freyr's Ætt essentially focuses on forces of creation. To learn more about the ættir and the runes, check out our post on The Elder Futhark Ættir and Their Significance.

The Elder Futhark Rune Thurisaz. Also known as Thurs and Thor. The thorn rune.
Thurisaz Rune

Keywords: defense (Thor's hammer or thorn), protection, destruction, boundaries, action, applied power, polarities, regeneration after destruction, warning, contemplation, decisions, luck

Thurisaz Upright Meaning

As giants and thorns are threats, Thurisaz points to feelings of defensiveness or the need to be defensive at this time. Whether the threat perceived is real or not, there is defensive energy on the part of whoever you're conducting this divination about. This rune can also indicate a time of chaos -- but remember that chaos is a natural part of life and riding the waves intuitively is often better than trying to swim upstream. Do not doubt your instincts.

This rune could be a warning about potential danger. You may need to be careful about who you share things with or what you do during this time. It may be warning you against making rash decisions based on emotion; meditate, journal, and follow your internal divine guidance to determine your next actions.

Thurisaz Reversed Meaning

Thurisaz reversed can mean that the time for defensive energy is passing. In readings of relationships, this could be that one person is finally feeling secure and letting down their defenses: thus, letting the other person into their world a bit more.

It could also indicate that it is safe for you to trust other people and what they are telling you. Now is a safe time to lean on other people for support.

Magical Uses of Thurisaz

Thurisaz is a protective rune that works on the offense. Whereas Algiz is more of a defensive, protective rune, Thurisaz has more return-to-sender energy. So when you use Thurisaz, you'll be sending any negative energy that comes your way right back at the person. In addition to destroying your enemies, it also assists in awakening your inner will so that you can take aligned action.

Thurisaz is also applicable to use in love magic and generally helps you be prepared for action in all aspects of life.

To go even deeper with your study of the runes, check out How to Read Runes by Kira the Rune Witch.

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