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4 Fun Facts About Runes

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

For many, runes are a lesser-known form of divination compared to the now very mainstream tarot cards.

As a reader, I have been more drawn to runes and oracle cards over tarot cards. So while I offer rune and oracle card readings, I do not offer tarot readings as of now.

Here are 4 fun facts about runes:

1. Runes are a Method of Divination

Runes are a powerful method of divination that provides insight into the primal energies and motivations behind inquiries.

The term "rune" comes from the Old Norse "rún" which refers to "secret", "whisper", or "mystery".

2. They Were Gifted by Odin

The Elder Futhark runes, which are used in these reads, arose before the Christianisation of Northern Europe. They are said to have been made known to people by Odin, although their ancient origins as a whole remain unknown.

3. Runes Are Very Multi-Purpose

The runes were a writing system, used for divination, and also for magical purposes. Each rune brings forth messages and magical properties and can synthesize with others for increased clarity or intention!

4. You Can Use Them to Make Bind Runes

Bind-runes artistically combine relevant runes into a single symbol catered to a magical or manifestation purpose! (Which is why, if you desire, we offer the option to purchase a custom bind-rune with your read to do with what you will. We also offer custom bind runes separately from reads.)

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