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8 Signs You Have Telepathic Abilities

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Telepathy is inherent in the composition of lifeforms and a skill that can be cultivated and improved no matter where you are. Whether between humans, divine beings, plants, animals, or water molecules, all energy can interact with each other. The prerequisites to being telepathic are essentially belief and willpower.

Nevertheless, there are other tell-tale signs that you have the gift of telepathy easily accessible within you. If you identify with 50% or more of these 8 signs that you're telepathic, chances are that it will be very easy for you to further cultivate this skill.

1. You're empathetic

You are great at putting yourself in other people's shoes. If you try to envision how someone else is feeling, you can essentially internalize those emotions. For instance, if someone tells you a sad story, you feel yourself on the verge of tears.

2. You dislike crowds

Are you the kind of person that picks up on people's energy when you're in a crowd or enter a room? If you find yourself overwhelmingly taking on the energy of a room or place, you have telepathic potential.

3. You're drawn to telepathy

When you're interested in or drawn to something, it is a sign that it is for you. The mere fact that you're interested in whether you're telepathic is a sign that you are.

4. You've had telepathic experiences before

Have you ever had a moment where you think of someone only to have them call you immediately after? Have you gotten the sense that you shouldn't trust someone and then learned that you were correct? These are just a couple of examples of telepathic experiences. If you've had anything of this kind, you're telepathic.

5. You know what people are thinking

Do you ever find yourself talking to someone and you already know what they're going to say next? Is it to the point where you can even finish their sentences? Or maybe you just know what's going on inside someone's head without them telling you. These are all signs that you are telepathic.

6. You interpret people well

You can understand what people mean. Even if they're not articulating something well, you intuitively know what they are trying to communicate and can explain it to others. You may also encounter people that speak a different language than you and find yourself able to seamlessly interact with them. Language is not really a barrier for you.

7. You can tap into people's energy from far away

One sign that you're telepathic is if you can tune into what other people are feeling whether close or far away. You simply think of a person and you can embody their thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.

8. You randomly smell things

Finally, if you randomly smell people that you care about even if neither they nor their property is near, it is a sign of telepathic connection. Maybe you smell someone's cologne, detergent, or favorite food and there is nothing of the sort around. These are signs that you are telepathic.


If you are drawn to telepathy or have any of the above traits, you probably have telepathic abilities. If you are still uncertain or want more insight, you can book a reading with me and I will help you ascertain your psychic abilities and suggest ways that you can increase them.

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