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How to Practice Telepathy

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Telepathy is easier to carry out than one may initially assume. Once you are meditatively in tune with yourself, all you must do is send a message psychically and wait to observe the results. In this blog post, we will cover in simple terms how you may attempt telepathic communication with the ones in your life. The only tool that you require for this process is your mind.

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is essentially communication with other people through psychic means. Telepathic communication consists of messages sent from the mind rather than talking to or interacting with them directly. Whether you are in verbal contact with or in physical proximity to a specific person, you can engage in telepathic dialogue with them.

Through this means, you may sow the seeds of specific ideas or requests in the mind of another. A similar model of the mind to telepathy is lucid dreaming, in which you may garner the skill to orchestrate the mental fulfillment of your desires. The microcosm aligns with the macrocosm, so you need not worry about the toxic New Age or Wiccan assumptions regarding the taking of free will and their rule of three. As within, so without. When you exert more mastery over your thoughts and being (the microcosm), you do so in the external world (the macrocosm).

How to Prepare Yourself For Telepathy

When your thoughts are scattered, or you are just getting started with a spiritual practice, it is not as easy to connect to the whole and to enter the minds of others. Another concern is if you're a clairsentient (essentially, an empath) that has not yet examined how to energetically distinguish your thoughts and feelings from those you've absorbed from others. You may already be internalizing the feelings of the people you wish to communicate with rather than projecting your will onto them telepathically. Thus, I highly recommend reading Ora North's I Don't Want to Be an Empath Anymore before proceeding with any telepathic attempts.

Moreover, another valuable prerequisite to help you prepare for telepathy is to cultivate a fitness, meditation, and journaling practice. Renowned magicians will remind you that maintaining a daily journal is essential for any magical work. In general, journalling is a beneficial outlet to expel internal thoughts and feelings. Still, you may also use it as a tool to better prepare your mind for success in your spiritual endeavors.

A Method of Telepathy

What works for one may differ for another depending on their gifts and practice. A method that has worked well for me is one that appeared on my TikTok feed; I, unfortunately, lost it to an accidental refresh. I have since been unable to track down the creator, so if I come across them again, I will update this post with reference to the video. I have since added my own details to the model that I learned from the video.

The video stated that to send a telepathic message, all you have to do is think of a message to send someone. Then, imagine a hand pulling the message out of your head and envision the hand placing it into the head of the person with whom you are trying to communicate. All you have to do after the fact is await some response, which could occur at any time.

I've found that my attempts at doing this method vary depending on the mental state of the person. Perhaps they are more receptive and you can feel the message slide in easily, warranting a more immediate response. Other times, it seems to take a lot of energy to penetrate through someone's energetic barriers to place the message inside. It could be that the mind of the person is so chaotic that they will not properly acknowledge your message. Be careful not to get sucked into someone else's mental turmoil -- it's not fun.

Other Ideas to Improve Telepathic Communication

I've found that crystals are great for enhancing telepathic capabilities. Particularly, I recommend trying herkimer diamonds and libyan desert glass. Use discretion when purchasing crystals to ensure authenticity.

You might also use different herbs, spell oils, candles, and other things that call to you of that sort. Following your intuition is key in amplifying the successful results of your practice.

Book a Rune Reading

If you're trying to get the lay of the land in a given situation, getting an energetic reading can be of great assistance. You can personally cast divination regarding your energetic workings using tarot, runes, or any other medium. Or, you can book a reading with a skilled practitioner for clear results!

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