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How to Make Bind Runes Work for You

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

In terms of using the bind rune to its most effective purpose, here are some suggestions on what you can do with it to help manifest:

Memorize Your Bind Rune

Rune masters assert that bind runes work better if you're able to memorize and reproduce them without referring to the image. So remembering it and drawing it on a piece of paper or wood and carrying it with you is the most effective method.

Draw It On Yourself

You can also draw your bind rune on yourself (with a pen or temporary tattoo materials) or carry an image of it with you around. It's best to focus on it with your intention for a period of time, but then release the energy surrounding it so it has the space to work its magic. (Essentially, forgetting that it's with you after you've focused on its intention and know that the desired result is coming to you is very important.)

Trust Your Intuition

You might use it to make a phone background or anything else creative that intuitively calls to you since all art is magic. Anything that your intuition suggests that you should do with it is probably right.

Generate an Energetic Exchange By Purchasing a Bind Rune

One of the best ways to show the universe that you're serious about manifesting your intention is by generating an energetic exchange. Sacrificing one thing (such as material wealth) to gain another is a move towards your manifestations and assists in energetically shifting.

Kira the Rune Witch sells custom bind runes that are catered towards manifesting the best possible intentions for your purposes. We have options for purchasing bind runes alongside reads, or if you would like to purchase a bind rune without a read, you can do so with the option of custom incantations.

Looking for More Info?

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