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The Elder Futhark Runes: Meaning of Ingwaz

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Ingwaz is the twenty-second rune, and scholars presume it is named after Ing (an epithet for the fertility god Freyr) of the Elder Futhark and the sixth rune of Tyr's Ætt.

Tyr's Ætt is associated broadly with spiritual forces and how they relate to the experience of humanity. To learn more about the ættir and runes, check out our post on The Elder Futhark Ættir and Their Significance.

The Elder Futhark Rune Ingwaz. Also known as Inguz, Enguz, and Ing.
Ingwaz Rune

Keywords: fertility, channeling energy, release (sexual or otherwise), potential energy, gestation, competition, safety, masculine energy

Ingwaz Upright Meaning

Ingwaz is similar to Berkana in being a rune of creative force, and some suggest that Ingwaz is Berkana's masculine counterpart or consort. Others say that this masculine consort of Berkana is Tiwaz.

However, Ingwaz is far more sexually charged with creative force. There is recognition of the different ways that this rune appears: like genitalia or DNA. Either way, Ingwaz is a potent force of creation and potential energy.

It is a very positive rune that indicates a release from the build-up of tension. This could be bringing a goal to fruition, completing a masterpiece, tying up loose ends, or finally gaining a sense of relief as it pertains to your question. A long-held manifestation of yours may finally crop up with satisfying results.

Ingwaz Reversed Meaning

There is no reversed meaning to Ingwaz.

Magical Properties of Ingwaz

Ingwaz can be used to gather, direct, and release creative, sexual, and magical energy. It's good for ending situations or bringing goals to fruition. Ingwaz is also a protective rune and can be used to ignite passion. It can also be self-centering.

To go even deeper with your study of the runes, check out How to Read Runes by Kira the Rune Witch.

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