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The Most Effective Way to Get Bind Runes to Work

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

A bind rune is an artistic amalgamation of other runes catered to a specific magical purpose. In short, they are almost like a visual affirmation in their ability to manifest reality for you. But in my opinion, they are far more powerful.

According to what has worked for me, this is the most effective way that I get bind runes to work:

1. Get Your Bind Rune

With runic knowledge, anyone can create a bind rune for themselves. So you can find one somewhere, create your own, our purchase one specifically customized to your purpose.

2. Learn Its Composition

It's not enough to simply have a bind rune. You must also understand why it is composed the way that it is. That again is where some runic knowledge comes in. (If you purchase a custom bind rune from Kira the Rune Witch, we describe the purpose of the bind rune, the chosen runes, and values thereof that compose it, and any additional stylizations or color magick.)

So if you're using a bind rune, uncover why it is the way that it is and what purpose each of the elements therein is serving.

3. Memorize and Envision It

Runemasters assert that bind runes, sigils, galdrastafir, or anything of the like are more effective when you can see them working in your mind's eye. As Stephen E. Flowers asserts in his book Icelandic Magic, these types of things are dynamic multidimensional creations rather than stagnant images.

If you have the image of your bind rune completely memorized and can produce it without mental struggle, your manifestations are almost certainly underway. This is especially the case if you can visualize it moving and working for you.

4. Release It

After you've drawn or ordered your bind rune and spent time studying it to infuse it with your intention, the only way to get it to work is to release it into the universe. Know that it will do as you programmed it to do, and do not second-guess it.

Not Sure Which Bind Rune You Need?

When you book a rune reading with Kira the Rune Witch, we offer custom bind rune options in addition to the regular reading options. After completing your read, Kira intuitively divines the best bind rune intention for your situation and hand-draws a custom bind rune to best assist you.

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