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What Can Getting a Rune Reading Reveal to You

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Most everyone these days knows what tarot is. Runes seem to be less common, despite the fact that they generously precede tarot in existence. It is also worth noting that there is a difference between tarot and oracle cards (wherein tarot has more specifically assigned meanings and oracle cards can be much more eclectic in amount and meaning).

While I use all three mediums in my divination videos, my specialization is with the Elder Futhark runes.

Whereas there are 78 cards in tarot with a variety of different meanings depending on the context of the read, the Elder Futhark runes are only 24. Similarly, though, their meanings can also vary depending on the read and they can be read as reversed or sideways (in opposition). My personal preference for divination has been runes with oracle cards for clarification.

Fun Facts About Runes

Runes are a powerful method of divination that presents insight into the primal energies and motivations behind inquiries. The term "rune" comes from the Old Norse "rún" which refers to "secret" or "wisdom".

The Runes Precede Ideological Appropriation

The Elder Futhark runes arose before the Christianisation of Northern Europe. They are said to have been made known to people by Odin, although their ancient origins as a whole remain unknown. In Futhark, Edred Thorsson offers an illuminating account of how different regimes and ideologies have done the runes a disservice by appropriating them. It is worth deconstructing the misuse and reasserting the roots.

Parallels to Tarot

Some assert that the runes were an earlier version of the Major Arcana in tarot. Although, there is not much evidence for this. Interestingly, the 13th rune in the Elder Futhark (Eihwaz) and the 13th card in a tarot deck both similarly signify "death" and numerologically match each other.

There are Other Futharks

There is also the Younger Futhark and other lesser-known sets that you can explore if you feel drawn to them.

Runes are Multi-Purpose

The runes were a writing system, but they were used for divination and magical purposes. Of course, the latter two are the more common usages in contemporary times. (Bind runes artistically combine relevant runes into a single symbol catered to a magical or manifestation purpose! This is why, if you desire, we offer the option to purchase a custom bind-rune with your reading to do with what you will.)

Each rune brings forth messages and magical properties and can synthesize with others for increased clarity or intention!

How A Reading With Kira the Rune Witch Works

Getting a rune read can help reveal the primal energetics of a given situation to you. For maximum clarity, I use both runes and my personal oracle cards to give clients the answers that they seek in addition to intuitive guidance.

If you book a reading with me, you'll receive your reading in an audio file via Gmail (I use Google Drive to upload) alongside pictures of the spread. (The number of pictures you receive will vary based on the option you select).

Additionally, you can purchase a bind-rune (which I custom-draw on Procreate) to help you manifest the best possible outcome of your read(s)!

I complete reads as soon as time allows (as in it could arrive as soon as today). But allow for a maximum of 10 business days for delivery because availability fluctuates.

If you're looking for guidance on any given situation, feel free to book a read with me! There are options for all budgets.

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