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5 Reasons to Make Your Own Oracle Card Deck

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Been considering making your own oracle card deck? Making and publishing your own is easier than you may think...

While there are several oracle decks that exist out there, nothing beats having your very own. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to make your own deck of oracle cards:

1. Personalize Your Divination to You

There are many oracle decks already out there in the world. You may be drawn to quite a few of them, or you might be hoping for one that feels more personal to your needs. By creating your own oracle deck for divination, you'll feel more connected to your intuitive process. It will be easier for you to uncover answers for yourself and others through the use of your own personal deck.

2. Creating Oracle Cards is a Fun Creative Outlet

If you've been looking for more reasons to get creative, making your own oracle cards can be the perfect way to relax and unwind while still being productive. Creating art for yourself is a form of self-love. Plus, even if you're not super confident with your artwork at the outset, the commitment of creating a series of oracle cards for yourself is going to improve your artistic technique!

3. You Can Publish It Easily

Nothing is cooler than sharing with other people that you've published materials! Having published your own deck of oracle cards is definitely a flex and a good conversation topic. Moreover, you're bound to feel a lot of gratification and satisfaction through publishing your oracle deck.

4. Make Different Ones to Suit Your Needs

Why stop at one? There are a plethora of possibilities when it comes to making your own oracle deck. For instance, I have already made three different oracle decks (which are available on my MPC storefront), and I intend to make more in the future as they serve my purposes!

5. Feel More Connected to Your Divination Materials

Have you ever had an oracle card deck that you just weren't vibing with or didn't feel connected to? That will no longer be a problem when you create your own oracle deck. Since they are custom and personal to you, you will be able to create them in such a way that makes you feel deeply connected to them.

Looking for Clarity?

If you're currently searching for clarity on a current energetic dynamic, booking a reading with a skilled psychic can help. Kira the Rune Witch offers rune readings with the additional clarification of oracle cards. Book your reading today!

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