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The Elder Futhark Runes: Meaning of Wunjo

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Wunjo is the eighth rune of the Elder Futhark runes and the final rune in Freyr's Ætt, the first of the three ættir of this set of runes.

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The Elder Futhark Rune Wunjo. Also known as Wynja and Wyn.
Wunjo Rune

Keywords: joy, harmony, happiness, bliss, well-being, fellowship, celebration, family, hope, peace, unity

Wunjo Upright Meaning

The imagery of Wunjo is most likely a clan flag, so it carries meanings of feeling at home, being supported, and being surrounded by one's people. Wunjo is an extremely positive rune with attached meanings of joy, happiness, and harmony with others and is especially relevant to positive relationships with those who are close to you. It may even be indicative that there will be beneficial and positive teamwork!

Wunjo indicates a sense of relief and that the difficult times have passed. You are being protected and brought joyful experiences by the forces that be.

In a reading related to career or business, Wunjo indicates that you will experience success in these areas.

Wunjo Reversed Meaning

There may be miscommunications and struggles that are occurring between you and the people in your life. You may be allowing stress and negativity to dominate your life, and it's causing you or the querent to feel isolated from others.

In a reading related to romantic relationships, it could signify rocky waters in the relationship. Depending on the qualifying runes that surround it, it may also indicate the end of a relationship.

Magical Uses of Wunjo

Wunjo can be used magically to improve well-being and to bring joy and success. If you're trying to transport yourself to a happier state of being, working with Wunjo can assist you greatly. It can help bring harmony to various situations in your life and strengthen bonds with others.

Wunjo is very effective to use in bind runes.

To go even deeper with your study of the runes, check out How to Read Runes by Kira the Rune Witch.

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